Man...where is everybody?

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Man...where is everybody?

Post by TomD. »

Hey, anybody out there? I had great hopes for this forum, but not much has been going for about a year now. I know we have a pandemic going on, but what better way to take your mind off the virus than to talk CJ's with other Changnuts? I guess if you don't do Facebook, you miss out on stuff. Sure would like to see people back here though. I see that right now, there are 4 other visitors on this forum.....C'mon! Join in, even if you don't have a CJ! M72, Denpr, BMW owners, we all have things in common.
Tom D.

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Re: Man...where is everybody?

Post by xing6666 »

Hey Tom - I had high hopes as well. There is one bug in the forum that I absolutely have to get worked out which involves notifications. When someone responds to your post do you receive a notification e-mail? As of current, I don't, and that's a big problem as that is a feature that keeps conversation going.
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